Technology partnerships

As technology continues to fuel the inner workings of most every marketing operation, marketers are now required to become master technologists. At Living Stone, we are ahead of the curve. We teamed-up with the most established companies to deliver great value to our customers.


Living Stone teams up with Hubspot marketing automation

The world’s leading inbound marketing platform helps companies attract and engage online visitors, converting leads into buyers. HubSpot’s software has helped organizations worldwide transform the way they market and sell. Living Stone’s content management and visual identity expertise supports HubSpot users to get the right content in the right context. Through our customer listening sessions and perception management we help identify the buyer personas in your customer and prospect database.

Living Stone and Showpad make sales more effective

The fast-growing sales enablement platform Showpad helps sales and marketing teams enhance productivity and accelerate the sales cycle. The platform is designed to help users manage, transfer and share content among sales, marketing and other teams to increase efficiency. Living Stone builds an organized, branded experience featuring the latest content in the right format (e.g. interactive PDFs and HTML5). Sales can then easily access, present and share this content with customers and prospects anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Tobania supports Living Stone with web-applications and digital solutions

Living Stone has been a marketing services partner for Tobania since 2014. In 2016, we took this collaboration one step further. Tobania’s Digital Business Solutions unit supports Living Stone customers with the development and implementation of web applications and other technology solutions, while Living Stone delivers marketing and consultancy services to help strengthen the reputation and sales performance of Tobania’s customers.

Business Partnerships

Would you like to do business in Germany or in the Americas and Canada ? We’ll match you with the expert who has the knowledge and skills to help you grow your business.

Voormalige samenwerking met Dataline

“De firma Dataline nv heeft in haar publiciteitscommunicaties een getuigenis opgenomen zogenaamd uitgaand van een vertegenwoordiger van de firma Living Stone omtrent de bevindingen en overtuigingen van Livingstone over het product van Dataline. De tekst strookt echter niet met onze ervaringen en bevindingen en werd gepubliceerd zonder onze toestemming.