Living Stone Challenge - Align your sales and marketing teams

Align your sales & marketing efforts.

Do sales & marketing play well together at your company? If they do, you may be in the minority.


At many B2B companies, sales and marketing departments don’t always see eye to eye. The reason? Each side thinks the other could do better in terms of supporting the other. Sales needs better and more leads from marketing, while marketing needs more market insights, support and transparency from sales so they can do a better job.

Strengthening the alignment between marketing and sales is potentially the biggest opportunity for improving business performance today. When marketing and sales teams unite around a single revenue cycle, they can dramatically improve marketing ROI, boost sales productivity, and – most important – deliver top-line growth.

The benefits of giving sales and marketing teams access to the same level of data and a full view of the customer are powerful, enabling better campaigns, more targeted materials and the creation of tools that address the needs and resolve the pain points of customers.

Living Stone can help your sales and marketing teams workmore effectively together. We support organizations in breaking down these barriers to align sales and marketing by:

  • Helping you set up a revenue cycle with your teams
  • Defining a lead-generation strategy together with sales and marketing
  • Providing your teams with the best possible tools and content


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