15/11/2018: How can B2B companies benefit from social media?

While many B2B companies have had difficulties adapting to content marketing and social media marketing, others have been making headway and significant progress. To share our insights on this subject, we would like to invite you to our free Infusinar : “Is social media relevant in B2B ?” on Thursday November 15 at Barilinga, Oudenweg 42 in Beerlegem.

During this session, Gunther Walravens and Maarten Van Erdeghem will provide you with the roadmap to build a solid social media strategy. They will present you 2 effective social media case studies to show how B2B companies can :

  • Establish a solid reputation
  • Connect and engage with their customers
  • Generate valuable leads
  • Drive sales

Looking forward to welcome you on November 15.

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