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Is Agile Marketing Right for You?

By 4th September 2019September 2nd, 2020No Comments
Agile marketing healthcare

If you’re a healthcare marketer looking to energize your marketing programs, agile marketing offers a more reactive, responsive approach that can significantly improve your results and ROI. Instead of the top-down, traditional waterfall model, where an agency is briefed by the business, goes away, and comes back with a comprehensive communications campaign, agile marketing is about creating content that is timely, relevant and useful to communicate with customers in any phase of their journey. Agile processes and execution are the keys to succeeding with agile marketing.

The concept of agile project management has been around for a while. It first emerged in the areas of software development and IT. Developers and IT departments found that testing new features and getting quick feedback from customers during development was a lot more productive than launching a finished product that might – or might not – align with their customers’ needs.
Many companies have since extended the concept across all aspects of their businesses, from human resources to supply chain management. And many organizations have been agile right from start – think Amazon, Facebook, Google or other digital giants, who never had to break free of an old-style management structure.

Why opt for agile marketing?

The benefit for software developers and IT departments is saving time and costs. Rather than launching a finished product and hoping for a positive response, an agile approach guarantees that the product meets the needs of the targets because it’s been tested, refined and tested again – ensuring greater success for the commercial launch, or company-wide rollout of a new application or platform.

With an agile approach, organizations can react with speed, and get products to market more quickly. The framework is based on cross-functional project teams, who work toward their goals by breaking projects into small milestones, checking progress frequently, and seeking customer and/or stakeholder feedback at all stages.
For marketers launching go2market strategies, the adoption of an agile marketing approach might include creating multiple project teams, building an open and ongoing feedback loop with their customers or stakeholders, and holding frequent scrums (daily, weekly or bi-weekly, for example) to review progress and plan next steps.