Agfa’s Graphics is a world leader in prepress solutions for the printing and publishing industries. The company provides workflow automation, project management, computer-to-film, computer- to-plate and industrial inkjet printing solutions to the prepress and printing industry. In this rapidly changing business, with customers and production facilities located all over the world, the company needs a well-coordinated communication strategy to convey the benefits of its innovative solution efficiently and with maximum impact to global and diverse audiences.

Living Stone improved efficiency by streamlining the editorial workflow of :Interface. :Interface is read by professionals of the printing industry in 9 languages and has a worldwide circulation of 130,000 copies. “:Interface stands as Agfa Graphics’ longest-running communication project, an achievement for which we owe thanks to Living Stone” says Marc Verbiest. :Interface has won Agfa and its agencies several awards, including 2006 Top Awards from the Marketing Business Associations of New York and New Jersey. Living Stone’s innovative project workflow solution has enabled Agfa Graphics to reduce the costs for design, coordination and print by 50%.

Throughout our long-standing partnership, Living Stone has given us many forward-thinking ideas, which they know how to implement using the latest IT developments. Our joint projects have been successful without exception, freeing up time for value-added activities. Two of these projects have been running for ten years or more and have won us several prestigious awards.
Marc Verbiest | Former Global Public Relations Manager Agfa Graphics

“Another example of Living Stone proving its value for our business was when we tackled our PR system. At the time, we had contracted PR agencies in several countries, which made it hard to control a consistent brand image in the press and the eyes of the general public. In the pioneering days of the internet, Living Stone detected its powerful workflow management possibilities and started agfapress. com, a worldwide press center which has offered full customization and up-to-date consistent information to press contacts ever since 1996. This tool alone has saved us a fortune in agency time for routine work such as circulating news. Instead, when we use an agency now, we use their strategy and creativity.”

Living Stone also developed a cost calculator sales tool for a revolutionary hybrid press. This interactive tool gives potential buyers projected return on investment for bringing digital printing into a screen printing operation.

The name Living Stone has come to stand for something in our organization. Their track record for turning challenging projects into resounding successes is excellent
Marc Verbiest | Former Global Public Relations Manager Agfa Graphics