A global organization with a local footprint, Aliaxis has been developing advanced plastic piping systems for more than 50 years. The company’s broad soil and waste portfolio is focused on single stack solutions for water trap seal protection, sound reduction and fire safety. Industry innovations such as the P.A.P.A. (positive air pressure attenuator) system keep Aliaxis at the forefront of the piping industry.

Aliaxis decided to create a division dedicated exclusively to the high-rise industry in response to two significant trends: urbanization and climate change. By 2020 there will be an additional 1.3 billion people on this planet, and most of them will live in megacities with more than 10 million inhabitants. The majority of these residents will live in high-rise apartment buildings. New and innovative building solutions that address the unique infrastructural challenges of tall buildings will be key to ensure the comfort and safety of the people living there.

“The focus on people really resonated with our target audiences. Our business is about enhancing life for people living in high-rises, with leading-edge systems to manage water supply and drainage. The marketing strategy underscores the ability of Aliaxis’ solutions to improve living for high-rise residents.”
Florie Brisbois | Former Strategy Manager Aliaxis Group

Marketing story

With more than 100 manufacturing and commercial businesses based in over 45 countries, a first step was to distill the larger Aliaxis narrative into a simple, yet powerful story focused exclusively on Aliaxis’ offering for the high-rise building industry. Living Stone and Aliaxis started work on developing a marketing plan for the new division in June, 2017.

The timeline: to introduce Aliaxis High-rise Building Solutions at the CTBUH 2017 International Conference (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) in Sydney, Australia, a leading conference for the high-rise industry, on October 30, 2017.

Innovative approach

Piping companies typically present themselves with a singular emphasis on technology. Living Stone and Aliaxis decided to turn this traditional approach around, and put the focus on how advanced piping systems can enhance the experience of people living in high-rises. They opted for a go2market strategy focused on five values offered by Aliaxis High-rise Building Solutions: feasibility, comfort, green, safety, and affordability, striking an emotional note with imagery focused on people enjoying life in their high-rise homes. All of the technical information is included, but the Aliaxis High-rise story starts with the impact of high-rise living on people, and then moves into the technical aspects for the audience of architects, MEP consultants, contractors and installers.

Once the story and the five values were finalized, production commenced on a wide range of marketing collateral, including:

New website

Image library and grid graphics



optimized for search engines and featuring a structured flow. Visitors are guided through the website starting with the five values, presented with concrete challenges and prompted to register and download technical papers Manage

to illustrate plumbing concepts and systems, encapsulating Aliaxis’ multiple brands



Comprehensive LinkedIn strategy

highlighting Aliaxis high-rise projects from around the world

tailored to target groups, featuring:

  • advertising campaign
  • Showcase Page featuring Aliaxis High-rise Building Solutions projects
  • Content calendar to ensure regular release of new content

The result

a dynamic launch for Aliaxis High-rise Building Solutions, with an innovative approach that struck a nerve within this traditional industry.