Amplifon is a big name in hearing health. For more than 65 years now, this global market leader in hearing aids has provided support to millions of people with hearing problems. Out of human interest and based on their expertise, the audiologists at Amplifon offer customised personal service and technologically innovative solutions. Charles Holland founded Amplifon in Milan in 1950. In the meantime, the international group has grown to include thousands of branches in 21 countries spread over 5 continents. In Belgium, this leading hearing specialist has more than 150 hearing centres and service outlets.

Living Stone is an expert in medical marketing communication. They work with the right people, each of whom is an expert in his or her field. For us, this resulted in a structured and professional communication plan that doesn’t require us to invest a great deal of time ourselves.

Kathleen Staelens | Marketing Director Amplifon Belgium

In search of a uniform brand identity
Amplifon is active in 21 countries and is therefore a world leader on the hearing aid market. In each country, a local management team ensures more detailed development of the business model. They do this on the basis of marketing and sales strategies tailor-made to the local market’s needs and laws. For the Belgium location, there seemed to be a need for a uniform brand identity in order to increase recognisability and top-of-mind awareness in doctors. To achieve this objective, Amplifon Belgium called on the medical marketing expertise of Living Stone.

Amplifon Belgium had no recognisable visual style. The logo was sometimes on top, sometimes at the bottom, in a different size or without a tag line. There was clearly a need for one visual identity. When we received the new corporate guidelines, we decided to medicalise them and to come up with an action plan for the future.

Kathleen Staelens | Marketing Director Amplifon Belgium

On top of a uniform medical brand identity, Amplifon was also looking for a way to increase its visibility and to become top-of-mind with the doctors. The marketing team first tried to achieve these goals internally.

We did a lot in the area of marketing, but we didn’t check to make sure it all fit in one coherent framework. We missed the ‘larger picture’. What’s more, we didn’t have enough time to plan and to follow everything up from the beginning. It became immediately clear that Living Stone had the expertise that Amplifon was looking for.

There are very few agencies with so much knowledge of medical marketing communication. Besides that, Living Stone knows key opinion leaders or contacts in every sector of the medical world. And all these relationships, in turn, generate more valuable contacts. They work with the right partners, each of whom is an expert in his or her field. An advantage for us—we do not have the time to look for a suitable copywriter, translator and designer. Living Stone has them all in-house.

Kathleen Staelens | Marketing Director Amplifon Belgium

Our collaboration with Living Stone brought structure back into the Marketing Department of Amplifon Belgium.

Living Stone drew up a communication plan for Amplifon and maintains their agenda. “Now we know when we must release something to make the deadline. That saves us a mountain of time and work. I can now focus all my energy on sales and marketing and still work on medical marketing in a well-organised way.” This efficient cooperation results in professional and aligned communication.

Living Stone instantly grasped our health care marketing and reputation management approach, both in the area of content as well as visual identity. They take initiative and adhere to a pre-set plan. The drive of Anne-Mie, the Business Manager, in particular, is enormously motivating.

Since everything is so nicely coordinated, it seems like there is more information. The impact of our message is even greater, and we radiate confidence. We have no doubts about working together with Living Stone again in the future. We still have many more plans for invigorating our sales via a good mix of offline and online communication.

Kathleen Staelens | Marketing Director Amplifon Belgium