Arcor npo in Ronse (BE) is the premier flexible partner for industrial companies. This tailor-made company helps its customers with customised work and comprehensive solutions for packaging and handling, textile processing, installation, assembly and transport. With corporate social responsibility and sustainability in our genes, Arcor gives people with an occupational limitation the opportunity to engage in a professional occupation and/or to pursue vocational training.

Arcor npo takes over repetitive and time-consuming work from industrial companies and offers a wide-range of services to help companies meet the demands of seasonal peaks and other special projects. To do this, the tailor-made company in Ronse calls in target group employees whose access to the regular labour market is limited. To gain brand recognition and to optimise their position at the start of the new Tailored Support Decree, Arcor called on the services of Living Stone.

“Our turnover has already increased by 30%. Unbelievable! Living Stone has proven to us, right off the bat, that good content bears fruit.”
André Van Butsel | Chairman of the Arcor Board of Directors

Tailor-made company with a mission

“As a tailor-made company, Arcor’s dependence on its customers is enormous. If their work slows down, then we feel it immediately. In order to achieve maximum employment capacity and be less dependent on our largest customers, we had to expand our customer base. We also wanted to see our turnover increase by 25% within one year,” André Van Butsel, Chairman of the Arcor Board of Directors tells us.
Ambitious plans. That is why the company decided to tackle their brand identity and went out looking for a suitable partner to do just that. Very quickly, Arcor ran into Living Stone. “First, we worked together with another marketing firm. They helped us get on the right track, but we had to implement the marketing plan ourselves. That cost us an enormous amount of time.” That is why Living Stone’s pragmatic approach immediately appealed to us. “The communication experts at Living Stone are helping us to make Arcor a familiar brand. They create social media campaigns, write blog articles, optimise our website … They assume responsibility for 95% of the work. Ideal, because we were looking for someone who could take over these marketing tasks.” Thanks to this collaboration, Arcor can count on a constant supply of ideas for the content marketing and social media campaigns.
“They take our input into account. If we find ourselves without inspiration, then Living Stone comes up with suggestions. This creates continual variation in our supply of information, which keeps it interesting.”

Ambitious goals are exceeded

Several months later, Arcor discovered even more positive effects of its collaboration with Living Stone. “Our turnover had already increased after just one quarter. Of course, it may have been coincidence; we had acquired more new customers, and the economic situation in Flanders improved overall. But, in the meantime, a few more quarters have come and gone, and we continue to grow,” André declares satisfied. The turnover increased by 30%, and the employment rate by 20%. “According to Living Stone, we are still only in the start-up phase. They have a whole lot of plans for us. That is promising!”. The measurable success and the surpassing of their ambitious goals, month-after-month, has given the Chairman a great deal of satisfaction. “At the moment, we have a lot of work. We have to crank it up a notch to meet the deadlines without losing sight of our quality and flexibility.”

Thanks to Living Stone, we can once again focus on our own business

An internal analysis at Arcor shows that the customer base continues to expand. “New companies reach us primarily via the recommendations of our existing customers. The powerful customer stories on the website are sure to have a hand in that. Can it get any better?” Arcor sees a rosy future for the tailor-made company. “We are experiencing, first-hand, the importance of content and reference marketing. Living Stone is the ideal partner. They not only tell us what we can do, but they also do it for us. And that means we can focus optimally on our own business,” André Van Butsel concludes.