Development of a new brand was part of the change process for Fern Training and Coaching, which became Aspiria in November, 2016. Much more than just a logo refresh, the new name and visual brand identity positions Aspiria as a dynamic, full-service firm offering individual and organizational consultation and coaching.

Living Stone created a visual storyboard featuring new corporate colors, an eye-catching logo that incorporates text and graphics, a brand-new website and templates for all business communication, including letterhead, business cards, stickers, email signatures, Word documents and PowerPoint decks. Everything is outlined in full detail in Aspiria’s new house Style Guide, making it easy for everyone to use the visual brand identity correctly, across all applications and uses. Living Stone also created a short video to introduce the new name, which opens with timelapse photography showing ferns growing, linking to the company’s transformation from Fern into Aspiria.

About Aspiria…

Transform your organization by managing aspirations.
It is our mission to help organizations, teams and individuals to transform at a deeper, more sustainable level, simultaneously making them feel free and more connected to others. This will support them to perform more successfully, and also increase their involvement and satisfaction.