Business & Decision (B&D), an international consulting and system integration company with offices in Brussels and Antwerp, helps companies in the private and public sector to improve their business operations by using available data. As a leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the company is a major player in Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Risk Management and Analytics. By implementing innovative solutions with high added value, Business & Decision stimulates innovation at companies in the bank & insurance sector, logistics, maritime sector and transport and retail.

“More leads, more suitable profiles for the job and a remarkable growth. Thanks to Living Stone we now get valuable return on our efforts.”
Gerrit DenayerInnovations, Solutions & Marketing manager at Business & Decision Belgium

In February 2017, Business & Decision Belgium decided to expand his office in Brussels, that mainly has customers in the banking and insurance sector, with an office in Antwerp to focus on the maritime, logistics and retail sector. A targeted brand and employer awareness was needed.

In Living Stone, Business & Decision Belgium found the right partner to develop its marketing strategy. According to Gerrit Denayer, there was immediately a click during the first introduction. “We appreciated the pragmatic approach. They gave us a clear proposal to work together, with emphasis on together, and what we could change to increase our visibility. For us, Living Stone is an agency that is large enough to scale with our business, but also small enough not to treat us as a number. We have meaning for them.”

Online marketing strategy delivers palpably success

“Together we looked for our biggest challenge. It turned out to be our public content, especially our website” Gerrit continues. Immediately after adapting the website content and social media, the success was becoming apparent. “Not only do we get more leads that increase our brand awareness, even applicants find their way to us more easily. A plus, because we obviously want to deploy the right profiles to seize the increased sales opportunities.”

In contrast to Brussels, the name ‘Business & Decision’ didn’t say much in Flanders. Who we are and what we do was a question we heard too often.
It was clear we had to develop our vision and marketing structure.
Gerrit DenayerInnovations, Solutions & Marketing manager at Business & Decision Belgium

Targeted way of working

Before the collaboration with Living Stone, the marketing department of Business & Decision mainly focused on organizing events and isolated marketing actions.
“Even though we are expert in marketing solutions for our customers, we did not succeed in working out a clear strategy for ourselves. Now we feel the pressure from Living Stone and we regularly have touchpoints to fill in our content calendar. For us, this is an effective and simple way of working, and now we’re getting a high return on our efforts. We have taken a huge step forward, now we have to make sure we continue to grow” Gerrit concludes.

How we want to achieve this in the future?
Undoubtedly with the help of Living Stone.
Gerrit DenayerInnovations, Solutions & Marketing manager at Business & Decision Belgium