ENGIE Laborelec

Generating more leads by boosting its digital performance

ENGIE Laborelec offers services to an extensive range of companies within the electrical sector, from engineering firms to public service organizations.
They support the day-to-day operation of their customers’ businesses through a diverse selection of energy-related products and services. As a leading center in electrical power and energy technology, ENGIE Laborelec also conducts research and development programs around the globe to help develop emerging technologies.

In search of a digital makeover

ENGIE Laborelec’s business model has evolved over the last twenty years, but its digital assets had stayed the same. The website was their biggest challenge. “Being more than 10 years old, our website didn’t accurately represent who we are and what we have to offer.” explains Joël Girboux, B2B Marketing Communications Manager. “Both its design and structure needed some serious rethinking. Initially, we tried to recreate the website in-house, but soon it became apparent that we needed highly-skilled professionals to develop a high performance website. As we also needed a water-tight communication strategy, the search was on for a trusted team of experts.”

We came across the renowned Living Stone. “I met with Anne-Mie and Maarten who showed great passion and really listened to our story. I’d already done some research online, but thanks to their expertise, we were able to select the right tools and strategies to meet our goals. The conversation uncovered new perspectives and exciting opportunities which helped us see things much clearer.”

A fine example of skills and professionalism

Creating a website involves more than great design. It should be optimized for SEO, the structure and navigation must be logical for users, while making adjustments should be as simple as possible for the back-end developers. The Living Stone team fine-tuned the corporate website, yet also built three dedicated microsites from scratch. The key benefits? Content that is easier to absorb by its readers and easier to adjust by its administrators.

Joël was impressed with Living Stone’s expertise. “What I love about Living Stone is the complementary skills of the team. They are specialists in graphic design, web design, video and social media. For the ENGIE Laborelec websites, they worked together seamlessly. Project Manager Eva coordinated it all flawlessly. She was my go-to person if I had any questions and made sure all deadlines were met. Even better, I could always contact the specialists directly when I had a very specific or technical question.”

Joël really valued this way of working and would recommend Living Stone and its highly technical team. “Their approach really promoted efficiency. Eva has a talent for planning and was always happy to help. She kept a close eye on the deadlines and her communication was truly transparent.” ENGIE Laborelec’s website and microsites have now become digital assets to be proud of. “I feel Living Stone’s professionalism has had a huge impact on the final result,” says Joël. “We now have websites that clearly reflect our values, are well-structured and enhance the user experience. Thanks to their expertise and dynamic approach, our marketing has become significantly more professional.”

Excellent foundations for the future

Creating the new websites was the first step in the marketing journey. Joël’s looking forward to the future. “So far we’ve focused on creating qualitative marketing documents for our  commercial teams and valuable content for our customers. Now, our challenge lies in promoting that content through the right channels to reach the right audience at the right time. We really want to step up our game here. And thanks to Living Stone’s expertise, we’ve never been more ready!”

Have a look at the dedicated microsites Living Stone set up for ENGIE Laborelec:





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