Hannecard, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of rubber, polyurethane and composite roller coverings, needed a dynamic way to market its innovative HandyCoat can coating system. The HandyCoat solution, developed to streamline the can coating portion of the can manufacturing process, is targeted to can manufacturers all over the world.

Because this market is extremely consolidated, with a few global companies dominating the industry, the number of potential customers is quite small, but the market opportunity is significant. Hannecard wanted to zero in on can coating professionals within this unique niche market, to share information about the benefits of the HandyCoat system.
They partnered with Living Stone to develop a program to engage this group, which is based on two elements: a microsite dedicated to the HandyCoat solution, and a precisely-targeted LinkedIn campaign.


The microsite focuses on the benefits offered by HandyCoat – increased efficiency, time and costs savings, huge reductions in can wastage – using short, catchy copy and dynamic visuals that clearly illustrate the HandyCoat advantages. It serves as a one-stop-shop for information on HandyCoat, and is the ultimate destination for prospects whose attention is caught by the posts and ads on LinkedIn.

Targeted LinkedIn campaign

The goal of the LinkedIn campaign is to build awareness for HandyCoat, while building a worldwide database of prospects. The beauty of the LinkedIn platform is that it enables extremely specific targeting, based on employers, group memberships, job titles and more. For Hannecard, it offers an ideal way to zero in on can professionals all over the world. The LinkedIn campaign includes:

  • A scheduled series of posts, with images and/or videos, posted and promoted by Hannecard team members. The reach of these posts is boosted by colleagues sharing the posts.
  • A scheduled series of ads to broaden the engagement. These paid ads target can professionals using LinkedIn’s precise targeting methodologies.

Both the LinkedIn posts and the ads encourage people to visit the HandyCoat microsite, to learn more about the ways that HandyCoat can enhance their processes. The website invites visitors to trial HandyCoat for free in their facilities.
The storytelling approach of the campaign is key to its appeal. Each of the posts and ads tells a story, highlighting one aspect of how HandyCoat streamlines processes for can coaters.

Since all of the online activity, on the microsite and on LinkedIn, is trackable, it’s possible to re-target people, based on how they’ve interacted with a post or the website, and reach out with more specific information or offers.
When planning a social media campaign, it’s also important to choose the right platform. For HandyCoat, communicating with a very small and specialized niche audience, LinkedIn is ideal – it’s focused on business, it offers an extremely targeted approach, and can coating professionals use it to network and share information.

About Hannecard…
Ever since its foundation in the early 1900’s, Hannecard has specialised in roll covering for industrial applications. Today, Hannecard is the umbrella name of an internationally leading group of companies with production units in Europe (Belgium, France, Poland and Switzerland), Russia, Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia)