Nexans is a worldwide leader in the cable industry, with sales of 6.5 billion (USD) in 2016. Headquartered in Paris, you’ll find Nexans cabling solutions all over the globe, and even beyond – Nexans has developed and industrialized unique solutions for the Rosetta comet probe, submarine communication networks, and Airbus flight systems.


Nexans decided to create a new business unit – Nexans Data Center Solutions – dedicated to the hyperscale data center market. These data centers represent the brains of our new, hyper-connected world, harnessing massive computing power to analyze and process the vast stream of data generated by billions of connected devices.

Nexans approached Living Stone in February 2017, to prepare a marketing plan for the new business. They knew that the hyperscale data center world would be gathering at Webscale, a hyperscale conference and trade show in San Francisco, on June 19 & 20, and that this would be the ideal time and place to launch the new business. From then on, the clock was ticking – Living Stone had 18 weeks to create a full-fledged marketing story, a marketing plan, and all of the marketing components.

Since the business and the market are fairly new, it was important to develop a marketing story that fully captured the pivotal role of the hyperscale data center in the fourth industrial revolution, which is taking place now.

Living Stone conducted perception interviews with hyperscale data center managers and crafted a marketing story that would serve as the backbone for the program, and inform and direct the marketing plan.


Production on a full-fledged marketing program kicked off the second week of April, including a website, catalog, video, interactive PDF and more – now with 11 weeks to go before launch.

On June 19th, the first day of Webscale, all the elements were in place and ready to go…

“I just have to say that you and your team are absolute rock stars!! What you’ve churned out in the past six weeks is astounding!”
Susan Larson | Marketing Communications Manager Nexans

Brand new website

50-page catalog

Interactive pdf/epub

Sales enablement tools

Brand new website

Powerpoint presentation



Photoshoot in studio

Concept imagery


Social Media