Real-time insight into the impact of your digital marketing and how it supports your goals

SONAR, Living Stone’s digital marketing analytics tool and reporting service, aggregates all analytics from social media channels, Google Analytics-driven online pubs, e-news engines, and APPs into a single score, to provide you with precise information on the global impact of your digital marketing activities.
In addition to providing a global view of what’s taken place in your digital ecosystem during a given period, SONAR identifies important trends (what happened on which channel, for example), and presents precise information about cause and effect, analyzing specific data from diverse channels separately.

With its latest version of SONAR, Living Stone has added Instagram to the social media channels that are monitored, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.
SONAR offers quarterly reporting or reporting on demand on your digital marketing, based on a real-time, easy-to-understand dashboard that shows you:

  • how much visibility (Opportunities To See) you’ve created with your (public and professional) target audiences
  • how much impact you’ve created and what role the channels you used have played in this
  • how the impact of your efforts has evolved over time
  • how your public handled your information on different channels

The Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (AIO), the government agency charged with implementing economic, innovation and enterprise policy in Flanders, has recognized SONAR as an important technology innovation, and is supporting its ongoing development of becoming the best marketing analytics tool and reporting service.