SOPREMA Group is one of the world’s market leaders in the field of waterproofing and insulation. For more than 100 years now, the company has been a reliable partner for roofers, contractors and architects. In addition to high-quality waterproofing products, proven workmanship and personalised advice, SOPREMA also offers its customers a range of services including roof inspections at no obligation. The headquarters of the SOPREMA Group for Northwest Europe is located in Grobbendonk (BE), where some one hundred workers provide technical and commercial support to the deeply rooted, local branches. SOPREMA has 59 production sites, more than 7000 employees world-wide and 22 training centres in 8 countries.

SOPREMA NV in Grobbendonk (BE) is the headquarters of the SOPREMA Group for Northwest Europe. The company is the market leader in Belgium in the areas of waterproofing and insulation, and it continuously strengthens this position with a laser-sharp focus on business development. As a subsidiary of SOPREMA Group, SOPREMA nv aims to capitalise on every opportunity for growth by publishing customer references which recommend not only the quality of the brands but also the company’s workmanship and personal service. For the composition of these references, SOPREMA nv calls on Living Stone.

Customer references turn words into deeds

SOPREMA nv shares its knowledge of bituminous, synthetic and liquid waterproofing products and insulation with (potential) customers in the form of written customer references. Eva Hanssens, Digital Marketing Assistant at SOPREMA nv, explains: “Our brand’s products are innovative and high quality. There is good reason that around the world we are a reliable partner to installers, contractors and architects who, thanks in part to our products, can see their projects through to a perfect end. By sharing their experiences and recommendations, we turn words into deeds and show just how much SOPREMA, together with its partners, installers and customers, has achieved up until now.”

First, the Marketing Department works out the details of these reference cases internally. “I went to the work sites myself to talk with the customers and to take photos. That took an enormous amount of my time. What’s more, a reference story is not written in one day—you have to call people, interview them, write out their stories and then have all this approved by a whole lot of involved parties.” With the roll-out of a new digital marketing strategy, the need for extra help in developing the SEO aspects of the references cases also grew. “We wanted to optimise our website. Therefore, our customer stories also had to be well written. We organised a pitch with five possible partners. Living Stone stood out from the start—they seem to have an enormous amount of experience with reference marketing. The choice to work together with them was an easy one,” continues Eva.

“Even though Living Stone does not have the product knowledge that we do, time and time again they deliver powerful reference articles whose content requires no improvements. The texts are fluent and professional, both in Dutch and in French. So, no need to waste precious time on feedback.”
Eva Hanssens, Digital Marketing Assistant at SOPREMA NV

“We know that our reference marketing is in good hands”

By contracting the reference marketing out to Living Stone, the entire Marketing Department at SOPREMA nv gains time. “Now, I can go back to focussing on our new digital marketing strategy, because Living Stone closely follows everything up. Celine, Account Manager at Living Stone, regularly sends me a status report on our projects. So, I no longer feel the pressure to meet deadlines, yet I am involved enough to be ‘up-to-date’ with everything they’re doing,” explains Eva. And the flexibility is also a plus point for Eva. “Recently, I urgently needed a reference case to present at a trade show. Celine immediately stepped in, and I even received the article before the deadline. We can always count on substantively strong articles, both in Dutch and in French, so we never have to spend too much time on feedback and corrections.”

The response to the customer stories is substantial. “Each reference case is published on our website, and that really has an impact. We receive many positive reactions from our customers. They share the story on social media, and we are the talk of the town. Very positive, in other words.” The efficiency of the working method is also appreciated by the customers. “Living Stone calls our customers for a short interview. This way they can tell their story without having to travel and without losing too much time. When they see the end product, they are always enthusiastic about the fluent article with its fitting quotes and attractive titles.” Eva not only recommends Living Stone to solve time pressure issues but also for their professionalism and quality. “Without a doubt, Living Stone can help us in the future to enrich our website with more interesting and attractive reference stories.”