Customer Reference Programs contribute to the bottom line because they inspire existing customers, motivate future customers, support sales teams throughout the world and create a ‘community of practice’ through which efficient organizations can make use of their customers to attain their objectives.

How can Living Stone help you?

Living Stone takes care of the logistical, editorial, outbound and measurement tracking for your reference marketing program, whether it is regional, national or international. We organize teams to visit your customers anywhere in the world – our global network of writers, local photographers and camera crews are experienced, professional and adhere to our quality standards. Fast and affordable !

While brand strategies increase the likelihood of a purchase by the customer, reputation strategies strengthen the identification of all stakeholders with the brand, which in turn influences supportive behavior on the part of stakeholders.

A winning reputation sets organizations apart from their competitors. It allows companies to attract all necessary resources to be successful. It explains why employees want to work for a particular organization, why customers buy its products, why investors buy its shares, and why the community embraces its activities.

We create
  • Case studies
  • Success stories
  • Video testimonials
  • Press/analyst interviews
  • Customer quotes
  • Logo use
Your benefits
  • Provide sales with a compelling support tool
  • Build relational value
  • Showcase business leadership
  • Prove a relevant track record
  • Constitute 3d party endorsement
  • Allow co-branding
  • Build relational value
  • Provide authentic statements from customers

Ready to add a customer reference program to your marketing plan?