Social Media audits

Does your social media strategy support your goals?

With all the metrics that are available, it should be easy to know how your social media campaigns are performing. But it’s precisely that data overload that can make it hard to know which metrics to focus on, and what they mean when it comes to connecting with your key audiences. A social media audit identifies the gaps in your social media strategy, and provides guidance on how to optimize your social media activities. Implementing the right analytical platform is also important, so you can monitor what’s going on in your digital channels in real time.

Social Media auditing

Social media audit

Discover the gaps in your social media strategy

At Living Stone, we begin the social media audit process with a strategic workshop, bringing together your team and our experts.

We start with the bigger picture, and review your goals and objectives across sales, marketing, public relations, community relations, and so on. What are the goals you want to achieve with your social media campaigns? Then we analyze your social media approach across three pillars: Persona – who you’re connecting with online and where; Content – how your content is working; and Strategic Goals – how your social media activities align with and support your goals.

The next step is to compare your goals against your current social media reality. This analysis highlights the strategic gaps in your social media activities, and helps us pinpoint where and how your approach can be optimized.

Download our free checklist to review your social media programs.

There’s a lot to take into account when assessing the impact of your social media efforts and campaigns. We’ve put together a handy checklist of aspects to consider when reviewing your social media programs, covering three key topic areas:

  • Strategy and KPIs
  • Audience
  • Content

Today, social media plays a role across all aspects of your business, meaning it’s important to include the full scope when conducting a review. Download the checklist to use as a guide to review the results and ROI of your social media activities.

Define SMART goals for improvement

Once we’ve identified the strategic gaps in your social media approach, the next step is to define SMART goals that will fill in the gaps and help you achieve your social media objectives.

We believe that generic goals like “increase sales” or “boost engagement” aren’t helpful. They don’t impose a finish line, and they won’t help your CEO or top execs understand if or how your social media programs are progressing. That’s why the goals that come out of our social media workshops and audits are S.M.A.R.T.:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-based

With SMART goals, you know exactly how you’re progressing.

social media strategy
social media dashboard

Keep Track of your goals with custom dashboards

Custom dashboards take this measurability even further. We create custom dashboards, using Google Data Studio, so you can see at a glance exactly how your social media programs and websites are performing. First, we choose the metrics that are most relevant to you and your goals. Then we set up an easy-to-read dashboard that offers a real-time snapshot of how you’re connecting with your audiences, across your platforms and websites.

We choose from the thousands of available metrics, and spotlight those that are most relevant to you. Integrating inputs from all platforms and data sources, your dashboard shows you only what you need to know to manage campaigns, spot problems and prioritize campaign resources. With a custom dashboard, it’s also easy to share the most relevant metrics across your organization, i.e. with your CEO, sales teams, public relations, human resources, and others.

Need a professional sparring partner to optimize your social media campaigns?

Whether you want to bounce around ideas, or book a full social media audit, we’re here for whatever you need. We specialize in B2B marketing, including go2market campaigns, branding, and social media. Contact Anne-Mie at or call at +32 (0)55 59 10 01 to learn more, or set up a web call.

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