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Living Stone

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Living Stone B2B marketing agency

Living Stone is your B2B marketing agency for technology, engineering and healthcare markets.

B2B marketing agency for technology, engineering and healthcare markets - Living Stone

Who’s Living Stone?

To B2B organizations with a strong knowledge component or technological component in their products or services, who want to have a significant share of voice in their markets, Living Stone is a partner that will enable them and their brands to adapt successfully to changing market dynamics and achieve above-market growth through differentiation strategies that keep the end-user in mind.

At Living Stone, we specialize in helping B2B marketers to make their mark. To share their company’s story, to present information in a way that makes a difference – to plant a flag that proclaims excellence and value. We are experts in conventional as well as digital marketing. Our tools are easy to implement and build on the existing corporate tradition, sales customs and market ambitions of our customers. We’ve been helping B2B marketers make an impact for more than 25 years.

Why Living Stone?

As experts in go2market programs, we know what is critical for marketing partnerships and projects to succeed. We’ve set up our company to make sure we deliver on every aspect:

  • Industry expertise
  • Strategic approach
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Technical savvy
  • Stringent project and cost management
  • Global network of writers, photographers and video experts
  • Over 20 years of experience

Living Stone NV is erkend dienstverlener voor ‘Advies’ in het kader van de kmo-portefeuille

De kmo-portefeuille is een maatregel waardoor u als ondernemer subsidies krijgt voor de aankoop van adviezen die de kwaliteit van uw onderneming verbeteren.

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