Monitor the ROI of your marketing efforts.

How do you know your campaigns are delivering results? And how do you demonstrate the value of those results to your senior execs? As a B2B marketer, you know that measuring marketing ROI is critical.


Senior management doesn’t always understand how new digital marketing tools can help close the sales loop in B2B. And many marketers wonder whether their current marketing tools are meeting the needs of sales, as well as whether they’re making the right choices in terms of where to invest their marketing money.

The truth is, the time for vanity metrics is over. Today, B2B marketers need to identify specific metrics that have concrete impact on pricing and revenue. You need figures and facts to be able to persuade the C-suite of the value of new digital tools, and determine the best way to apply your marketing budget.

Thanks to our analysis tools, Living Stone can provide a global view of what has taken place in your digital ecosystem during a given period, and identify important trends (what happened on which channel, for example). These tools offer precise information about cause and effect, analyzing specific data from diverse channels separately, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions and advance your marketing campaigns.

Analytical services


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