Position your brand in the inbound marketing age.

Do you position your solutions based on product characteristics? Let’s try starting from the mindset of your customers for a change.


randing today is a complex, multifaceted exercise and goes beyond selecting colors, typefaces, key messages and images. Excelling in one specific aspect is no longer enough if you want to live up to today’s customer expectations. Marketers need to dig deeper and create a compelling brand story that goes beyond features and benefits, and instead demonstrates how you beat the competition in understanding the customer’s challenges and creating distinctive value for them in a rapidly-changing world.


It all starts with a well-crafted, thoughtful positioning, that has as its foundation a deep understanding of buyer personas, their ambitions and their most pressing pain points.


  • What is the mindset of your most important buyer persona?
  • What is the context of his or her job – and their personal ambitions?
  • How can you help him or her to excel?
  • How can you prove that you are doing so?


At Living Stone, we specialize in content marketing programs to support all of your campaigns and initiatives. We can help you to develop or refine your brand and company positioning, and support content development of all types, from developing a content strategy to supplying and publishing any required content.



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