A Novartis Division

About Alcon

Alcon has one mission: to discover new ways to enhance sight and improve people’s lives. Together with Novartis, the organization offers the widest spectrum of products in eye care, serving customers through the full life cycle of patient needs including eye diseases, vision conditions and refractive errors.
Alcon’s goal is to be the most trusted leader in eye care. By serving and working with people worldwide, the company is building its reputation, while addressing the growing eye care demands of the future.

To improve communication efforts towards eye care professionals, Alcon was looking for a partner who could:

  • improve Alcon’s branding and positioning in B2B
  • create great content with a focus on supporting the eye care professional
  • offer the knowledge and resources necessary to create a broad range of communication tools (social media, digital newsletters, videos, print magazines, websites, and more)

Our services to Alcon Benelux include:

  • Print magazine – Dialoog/Dialogue: creation of a print magazine for the eye care professional (research, interviews, copy, photography, design and coordination)
  • Social media – Facebook: creation of social media posts (research, copy and design) for implementation on the Facebook pages of eye care professionals
  • Movies: creation of animated (tutorial) videos for eye care professionals and end customers (storyboard, copy, voice-overs, video editing and coordination)
  • Website – MyAlcon website: creation of a new website to support the eye care professional and provide them with relevant, high-value content (site concept, SEO strategy, copy, design, development and coordination)
  • Other content marketing: mailings, press articles, tutorial guides, advertorials, etc. (research, interviews, copy, design and coordination)