If you’re in business, you’re always in the business of managing your professional brand. Brand is the perception that others have of you (your company, services, or products). Brand perceptions are shaped by the sum of all experiences customers have with your brand. But often insufficient attention is given to the view of the external environment. Organizations are not sensitive enough to perceptions that exist in the marketplace. That’s where we come in !

How can Living Stone help you?

In cooperation with our academic partner, we research your corporate brand value, the value of your brand names, the identification of your employees with your brand and the perception in the market about your service quality. We identify perception gaps where they exist.

The results of our listening sessions and quantitative polls give you an accurate view on how to implement changes and improve the performance of your organization. We make sure that companies can start communicating messages founded on truth and fact and grow their organizations into enterprises whose values represent those sought by their key stakeholders. We conduct research for hospitals and hospital departments, ICT and healthcare vendors, and professional associations.

Your benefits
  • Get an accurate view on your organization
  • Performance improvement
  • User adoption programs

Are you ready to improve the performance of your organization ?